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Miranda Shrapnell trained at The Arthur Cotterell Theatre in London, she has worked predominantly in Theatre and Film, notably with companies BBC iPlayer, Luvas Theatre NY, Time Zone Theatre, All or Nothing Rep, RIFT and Utopia Teatras with whom she performed at The National Theatre Lithuania. For further information please see click here


"Jennifer was the powerhouse at the centre of the show. Miranda Shrapnell made her so believable you really worried for her . . . Miranda took on Jennifer much further then I imagined. So you really felt for Jennifer . . . The physicality of her performance gave the show energy the rest of the cast played off"- Paul Vickers-Jennifer's Robot Arm 

"Miranda . . . was an absolute joy to work with throughout the process. Miranda takes direction well, is a highly imaginative, creative and a gifted performer of rare nuance and subtlety . . . I would wholeheartedly recommend her for your project as she is one of the finest young actors I have worked with in a long time."- George C Francis, The Tempest 

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"Ms. Shrapnell is extremely flexible as an actor . . . She organically adapted to a completely different way of making theatre. Our company was visited by a number of great Russian and Lithuanian theatre directors, and they all picked Ms. Shrapnell as an outstanding member of the cast. She is a great improvisor and incredibly skillful in the process of devising. Ms. Shrapnell is willing to take risks and is keen to explore as well as challenge herself."- Darius Lukas, TITRAI/SUBTITLES


"... Miranda Shrapnell as Dorothy, a typical Lynchian dream girl, perhaps inspired by the directors fondness for The Wizard of Oz. Hers is a standout performance, channeling Twin Peaks' Nadine Hurley as if Lynch was her Big Ed"


"Miranda Shrapnell is another cartoon, this time, Lynch's unlikely love interest. She handles her two dimensional character beautifully – and so when it is revealed she is a product of Lynch's febrile imagination, we are surprised and then, immediately, realise that it was quite obvious all along."

Broadway Baby

"Take for example the delicious Dorothy Doughtnuts, played by the astonishingly talented Miranda Shrapnell."

The Arts Business

"Miranda Shrapnell as Dorothy Doughnuts fizzes"  

Fringe Review

"It is a simply cracking cast who run with the insanity . . . Miranda Shrapnell’s dementedly endearing Jennifer"

The Stage

". . . especially Miranda Shrapnell as Lavinia as she undergoes the prolonged mutilation, exhibit an admirably focused concentration."

The Stage

"Miranda Shrapnell sums up this show in her unique performance. She is full of energy and glee throughout and is clearly not what modern society would class as normal . . . Seeing a young woman playing a child this convincingly in a story that is so askew and perverted, yet still being funny, is quite an unsettling experience.

Fringe Review

"Miranda Shrapnell plays a brilliant character as Edward...When she initially meekly enters the set with hood drawn tightly around her face, she received a loud laugh and this is maintained throughout with her comic antics."


"Miranda Shrapnell (playing  Abigail Vashnay) is excellent as the young scientist ... She has a good stage presence and...manages to convey the emotions of the character and her feelings towards Malcolm and her family...She also manages to take the audience on a journey with her as she discovers more about what has happened in her own past."


"Shrapnell is your typical Juliet - light-footed, beautiful and giddy with love. Shrapnell is good in this role, but it's wonderful to see her talent as she switches to the distressed girl, running through the audience with a painting of her lost lover."

Views from the Gods

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